The CTR contains different departements :

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All departments evolve within a rich multidisciplinary surrounding. Every care unit has an accredited physician.

The team is completed by a large number of professionals : social assistants, ergotherapists, phisiotherapists, speach therapists, psychologists and neuro psychologists, bandagers, physical trainers, documentalists, teachers.

They work both in the treatment environment of the patient as in their own work area's : leisere room, functional ergo therapy, pre-professional ergotherapy (today specifically focussed on informatics), hydrotherapy, individual and group phisiotherapy, school, library, sport facilities (A.S.C.T.R.), center for prothesis, orthesis and wheelchairs.

For therapeutical reasons a wide range of leisure activities is organised (karting, cinema…).

The CTR also has an out-patient service for readaptation and a certified specialised service for job counseling.

* ASCTR (Association Sportive du CTR – Sports association of the CTR) formed the basis for the creation of the Belgian, Sport Federation for Disabled Persons that contributed to the organisation of the paralympics.

A green surrounding :

The CTR is located in the center of the impressive surroundings of the Brugmann Hospital . A unique location in the heart of Brussels.

From our terrace with a view on the parc, the patients can relax and unwind outside the typical hospital environment.

Also a large number of rehabilitation and readaptation activities are organised outside.