First center for reeducation and rehabilitation in Belgium.

Our center reaches out to patients with a traumatic backbonemarrow injury, persons suffering from traumatic injuries, orthopedic injuries (polytrauma and amputations), cranio-cerebral trauma's, pereferic neurological injuries,…

The CTR center was founded in 1950. From the onset we provide a total care, rehabilitation and readaptation for victims of accidents or for persons with locomotory and severe neurological conditions.

Our care consists out of a strong, constant and participative effort. Within an academic and specialised framework we offer a multidisciplinary and full service care.

Our competent and specialised personnel guarantees a “taking in charge” of good quality and high standard. Together with our patients we build –day by day- on a bridge towards an acceptable and worthy way of living.

An adapted and complete team
of caretakers :

The succes of the CTR is the result of the work and efforts of an multidisciplinary, cooperative, dynamic team motivated by a common goal of rehabilitation. This way every collaborator is implicated at his or her level :

For every patient an individual protocol for an adapted “taking in charge”
Good quality care
Integration of new rehabilitation techniques and technology
Adaptation and fine-tuned realisation of specific materials (prothesis, orthesis, implants, wheelchairs)
Applied scientific and medical research

This is the approach for all aspects of rehabilitation : nursing, medical, paramedical, social and psychological.